Kingdom Crusades
 October 5th - 7th, 2007
 Darlington, Maryland

It is once again time for Kingdom Crusades!  This is one of the last opportunities of the fighting season to show your prowess on the Heavy Weapons field, the Fencing field and the Archery range.  Soon the winter winds will blow and we will retreat into our warm hearths for hibernation.

There are cabins for your camping comfort.  However, they are not heated.  Cabins do provide co-ed hot showers and restrooms.  No open flames allowed in the cabins please.  There is also plenty of tent space available.  Pets are not allowed on site.  There is no feast, but the site does sell on-site meals.  

Activities abound!  Traditional and creative heavy weapons fighting and fencing; archery; classes; shopping; and more! 

Kingdom Crusades will be held in the traditional lands of the Barony of Bright Hills, in the Kingdom of Atlantia, at Camp Ramblewood (2564 Silver Road, Darlington, MD). For pictures and details of the campground, see the site map or the Camp Ramblewood website.

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